Chosen by the Gods

Last session we found that we had been staying in Thunderspire for 2 weeks. We spent the time recovering from our previous battles, asking around for information, studying rituals, and planning our next move. While we had to pay for food (2sp/day) and stabling for our horses (3sp/day), our rooms were taken care of by the Halfmoons (because of the halfling boy we saved last time).

The group split up at times, as Narata and Arioch went out to gather intel and have a good time in the bars. They learned of a dragonborn named Surina who hated the Duergar and wanted them driven out of Thunderspire, and they caused a bit of trouble here in there (Arioch thought they might get the Mages’ attention with some trouble-making and then perhaps get an audience that way).

Malagar decided it had been too long since he’d had some time with a female, so he went to enjoy himself. Upon arriving the proprietor congratulated him as being the 500th customer winning a free hour with one of his finest ladies. As Malagar climbed up to the pigeonhole (used by the prostitutes) to receive his prize he found himself face-to-face with a half-orc. Lia couldn’t hide her amusement and bust out laughing once Malagar came back. Lia couldn’t tell if Malagar realized he’d been set up (by her) or not.

In addition to getting some action, Malagar did notice a certain Dragonborn (later confirmed by the others to be Surina) climbing into one of the pigeonholes. He also saw a kobold skulking around that Narata and Arioch later came across to get some information about the Labyrinth.

Lia, Reeyith, and Arioch decided to go together to talk to the Arcanus (current head mage). Cora helped disguise Reeyith in case Sedarlis was around or had agents looking for him. The three came to the teleportation circle and spoke aloud requesting an audience with Arcanus Orontor. He appeared before them and they introduced themselves. Arioch used his silence ritual so they would not be eavesdropped on. Orontor soon figured out that they had been responsible for driving out the Iron Circle and defeating the Winter King and thanked them. He also confirmed that he knew of the vampire and lycanthrope attacks and was concerned about the rise in bat numbers inside Thunderspire. Any one could be a vampire spy. Moreover outside in the Vale he explained that snow flurries would occasionally occur, as someone must be experimenting with the scepter and crown. Orontor knew of Lord Vannyk and suspected that he may be involved.

As the three gained Orontor’s confidence, he volunteered some additional serious information. He was the only mage in Thunderspire. The rest were all out seeking information on Lord Vannyk. However one of them, Paldemar, had gone rogue even before the party had gone to the Cairn of the Winter King. Orontor asked if the heroes would try to track him down and return him and any information on his activities. We agreed, though only after satisfying our goals in Thunderspire.

Finally the party found Terrlen, a guide recommended by many, sold some treasure and bought some fresh supplies, and then made their way into the Labyrinth and to the Chamber of Eyes. There we came across and fought some goblins and a bugbear. After winning we found some magical armor (two pieces) and a magical belt. One goblin got away though, so we might have some difficulties next session.


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