Lord Vannyk

Lord Vannyk, the leader behind the iron circle...


Just who is Lord Vannyk? The only other character to stir such a mystery was Jixin. But even Jixin answered to Lord Vannyk (or at least answered to Lord Vannyk’s officials). Who is he and what does he want, exactly? What is his next move? Where is he headed and why? These are but a few of the questions that one can ask of Lord Vannyk. Others may include… Just how powerful is he? Does he have an army? A fortification? Or is he more mobile than that?

We do know that we crippled at least a leg of his, when we took down the iron circle. But how much damage did we really do? I mean, just how powerful is he and, just who is this Lord Vannyk? Any one of these questions could be “the million dollar question”.

Dungeon Master


?? Unknown ??

Lord Vannyk

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