Drow Ranger


Age: 60 (very young for a Drow)
Occupation: Ranger
Weapon of Choice: Long Bow
Deity: Raven Queen
House: Daermon N’a’shezbaernon (ancient name) DO’URDEN
(currently in exile, since the houses fall after the adventures of Drizzt in1339DR)
Characteristics: Honorable, secretive, self-reliant, militaristic, stealthy
Philosophy: Die an honorable death. Death is a necessary part of life. Forsake the way of Lloth.


Malagar was born into darkness like all Drow, into the house of DO’URDEN, yes that is right, the same house of the famed third son of Malice, Drizzt DO’URDEN. The house which was believed to have ceased to exist in 1339DR. Yet for the last 160 years the few that survived banded together abandoning the grand house that was built into the great cavern’s of West Wall in the city of Menzoberrazan. They have secretly been building their clan with the hopes of one day taking over and abolishing the council which is still the most powerful and ruling entity of the Drow, being composed of the top 10 most powerful Drow Houses.

The house of DO’URDEN (in Exile) being the house of renegades that they are, and knowing that their view flies in the face of everything the Drow have been taught since a young age, see the Way of Lloth for the corruptive dogma it truly is. They know there must be a better way, and in the mean time have taken to follow the Raven Queen. However to the Drow populace outside their (secret house) they are just Drow without a house (considered to be the lowest cast) but yet followers of Lloth, as anything else would mean immediate death.

Malagar was born to Lillith and they noticed that he was special, as he was born with the same color eyes as the Drow that started it all, Drizzt. As a child Malagar realized he can change his eye color (purple) to the normal natural color of all Drow which is red, by channeling his inner anger. He used this as a safety mechanism while in the underdark. Like Drizzt, Malagar has compassion and holds true to principles of honor and equality.

The house DO’URDEN (in Exile) and Drow legend have it that there will be an Elf* that will bring “chaos” to the Drow, in that the Elf will battle and defeat the House of Baenre (the ruling and most powerful House of the 10 most powerful Drow houses)and Lloth, and bring peace to the Drow and open up the opportunity for the Drow to return to the surface as they once where millennia ago. This is what Lloth and her followers will never allow.

Malagar was therefore chosen to seek out the prophesized Elf before the Bregan D’aerthe (an infamous brotherhood of drow spies, mercenaries and assassins) who have been hired by the Ruling Council (in particular the house of Baenre) to seek out the prophesized Elf and kill on sight. The house of DO’URDEN (in Exile) house has charged Malagar with identifying and protecting the Elf at all cost, and eventually help the elf bring freedom to the Drow.

Malagar is in search of the savior Elf prophesied, and that she along with Malagar, who is the only Drow with the blood of Drizzt DO’URDEN can change history together and bring peace to his people, and restore what should have always been which is Drow and Elf as one.

*The Drow are a Matriarchal people and therefore they believe that the Elf that will help bring this peace is a female.


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