Marko Lancet

Thief of the Ice Scepter


While Marko’s origins are not fully known, he is currently a thief living in Fallcrest. Our heroes came across him during the “Endless Winter” when the sky ship spoke of an Ice Scepter and the need to return it to the Winter King. Some in the party noticed he was trying to sneak away while many townspeople discussed what was going on and the Lord Warden asked whoever had the Ice Scepter to come forward.

Marko gave in to the inevitable and joined the party to lead them in the Cairn of the Winter King. Though generally cowardly, Marko was skilled in backstabbing and magically dominating enemies temporarily. This skill proved very useful to the party throughout their time in the Cairn. In fact he even dominated the Winter King himself and had the king throw the Ice Scepter to him. He ran off with it though Lia caught up with him and convinced him to hand it over.

After returning to Fallcrest, Marko was given some slack by the community. The party now knows they can call upon him for some tasks and information in Fallcrest, though they certainly don’t trust him completely.

Marko Lancet

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