Human Cleric of Mordrin


Velos was born in Fallcrest and was raised by a blacksmith father and artisan mother. The family barely made a living, and Velos often helped both of his parents with their work. He began to make deliveries and take orders, getting to know the streets and townsfolk well. When he was 10 years old, a delegation of dwarves came to Fallcrest. Clerics of Moradrin came across Velos’s family shop. They had great praise for the work, and saw the passion in Velos’s eyes. After observing and speaking with the boy, and seeing the plight of the family, they offered to take Velos and train him, as well as some gold to support the family in his absense. Velos’s parents were very sad to see Velos go, but knew that it was a great opportunity for him.

Velos went to study and train in Hammerfast to be a cleric of Moradrin. Upon his 24th birthday, he began preparing for a walkabout, in which he would test his abilities in service to the peoples of the Nentir Vale, bringing pride and possibly riches to the temple. Velos decided to first stop off in Fallcrest to see his parents, and so set off. He arranged a ride with a dwarf named Traevus who was also heading to Fallcrest.


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