Moonsilver Staff


Level 7 Magic Staff
+2 Attack and Damage Enhancement
Critical: +2d6
Properties: Treat as silvered (PH 220) for the purpose of implement and weapon attack powers made using it.

Power (Daily)
Free Action
Trigger: You hit an enemy with divine radiant power and deal damage to it using this staff.
Effect: Enemy takes extra radiant damage of 7 (5+enhancement).

Published in Adventurer’s Vault 2, page(s) 38.


Hundreds of years ago, the evil gods conspired to cover the world in darkness. Their followers unleashed magic from powerful items, masking the sun and the moon from view. The plants began to die, and people grew sick. The darkness drove lycanthropes into a supernatural madness. They rampaged across the land, slaughtering anyone they encountered.
A sorcerer and devotee of Sehanine quested to recover an ancient staff sacred to her deity. Her band braved countless dangers before they found a sacred glade. When they arrived, a shaft of moonlight pierced the deep blackness, leaving a staff behind where it had struck the ground.
With the help of the staff, the band destroyed many of the wild lycanthropes, as well as the objects that had plunged the world into darkness. Its task complete, the staff turned into moonlight once again, waiting to be rediscovered by a mortal in need. It has since reappeared from time to time, in forms of varying power.

When Lia was about to start her journey she was visited by Sehanine in a dream whereupon she was granted access to divine powers. When she awoke she found a staff in her hands. She took this staff on her journey and used it in combat until finding a staff with an magical enchantment, but she still kept her original staff since it was gifted to her by Sehanine.

A month after that visit Lia and her companions were caught in a fierce battle with vampires, spiders, zombies, skeletons, and werewolves. The Ice Scepter had been stolen out of Lia’s grasp so she reached down to grab her original staff even though it did not contain the power of the Ice Scepter. When she held it up with the intent to rebuke the undead in her sight the clouds overhead parted and the full moon shone down. The staff caught the light and reflected it all around in a flash. Sehanine spoke to Lia in a vision that lasted only a moment in real time, telling her of the staff. When that moment was over Lia saw the moonstone atop the staff and knew its power. She hammered the werewolf standing next to her hearing it howl in pain, then rebuked the undead, shattering two skeletons, burning a zombie, and causing the vampire (now a swarm of rats) who had taking the ice scepter to vanish in a cloud of mist. She would continue on with this powerful weapon of old from her goddess, and no band of creatures such as those who ambushed her party that night would stop her.

Moonsilver Staff

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