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  • The Seven Pillar Hall

    The Seven Pillar Hall is a thriving center for trade and commerce due to the efforts of the [[Mages of Saruun]]. This is the first area of [[Thunderspire]] that the adventurers encountered. It is also where we got our first taste of the [[Bloodreavers]].

  • Deepstair

    The Deepstair is a passage that leads from [[The Seven Pillar Hall]] to a stairway that descends about 100 feet before meeting a well-marked tunnel that leads to the [[Underdark]].

  • The Dragon Door

    The Dragon Door is a stone door at the east end of [[The Seven Pillar Hall]] that is carved in the shape of a dragon gripping an orb in its claws. The passage beyond leads into the Labyrinth... The [[Chamber of Eyes]] lies in this direction.

  • The Shining Road

    On the keystone of the dark archway at the north side of [[The Seven Pillar Hall]], above this path is a chiseled horizontal line with a vertical line beneath it. The sign to be that of Torog "The king that crawls". The passage beyond leads to the …

  • Terrlen

    Terrlen the Dark Seeker is the man who knows the most about [[The Labyrinth]]. He is the only person to repeatedly wonder into the labyrinth and yet has found his way out. He is the groups chosen guide to help to navigate the depths.

  • Orontor

    Orontor is one of the Mages of Saruun. He is the only remaining Mage in [[Thunderspire]] at the time of the adventurers arrival, as the rest of the Mages are investigating rumors of [[Lord Vannyk]].

  • Rothar

    Rothar is the half-orc owner of Rothar's Tavern in [[Thunderspire]]. His bar is frequently visited by [[Brug]] and the duergar

  • Chark

    This banished kobold now spends his time in [[Thunderspire]] begging for money. He's a willing source of information... for a price.

  • Bennick

    A talented, travelling bard who does not enjoy the vocal stylings of the Barbarian Horde.!http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/244738/Photo_Aug_31__6_19_16_PM.jpg_copy.jpg(Photo aug 31 6 19 16 pm.jpg copy)!

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