Barakas Nallvir Drunakal, a human warlord, joined the party at the beginning at an inn in Fallcrest. He was bright and brave, and in his bravery he left himself exposed while battling Maloreth in the Minotaur temple and was struck dead. His fellows brought him back to Fallcrest where he was put to rest following their defeat of Maloreth.

Orphaned as a young boy when his parents, traveling on trade to Hammerfast, were murdered by a gang of xenophobic dwarves. Barakas was raised by the Drunakal family, a reasonably well off family who were selling supplies to Barakas’ parents, Moraerdur and Lillith Nallvir. Barakas was well cared for by his adoptive parents, but not well liked by the local community. They felt shame for what had happened, but still were on balance not happy with outsiders. Barakas showed cleverness and skill early on, surpassing many of his dwarven peers. He chose to enter the military academy, hoping to build trust and protect others from falling to a similar fate as his parents.

Barakas was stronger than the average dwarf, but certainly not stronger than some of the toughest of the dwarven recruits. He chose to distinguish himself by tactical thought and planning. Barakas graduated with honors, though it took considerable political sway of one of the elder dwarves to convince the others to stick with their objective evaluations rather than give in to spite. Barakas had on more than one occasion shown up his teachers, though not on purpose. He learned to be a charismatic leader, as he had to be to get past the doubt cast upon him by his heritage.

Family ties coupled with Barakas’s noted abilities overcame mistrust and prejudice as he landed a position with the local Hammerfast guard. Barakas spent most of his time working, as he had only a few friends and no romantic interests. One evening while on patrol his partner Dagan took a break to relieve himself. Barakas continued around the corner in a shadier part of town. He then heard what sounded like a muffled scream about a block away. He took off immediately to determine what was happening, where he came upon a gang of 7 young dwarves attacking a human couple who had likely gotten themselves lost. The man was clearly dead already, and the dwarves were insulting the woman while beating her, keeping her quiet with a rag stuffed in her mouth. Barakas became enraged and struck out at the gang. Though outnumbered, two of the dwarves fled immediately, afraid of getting into trouble. Barakas’s furry coupled with his skill and tactical prowess led him to rapidly dispatch two of the dwarves. He then recognized one of the three remaining dwarves as Kok, the son of Uran Jarmek, the head of the city’s most powerful family. The Jarmeks were xenophobic to be sure, but they were usually cautious politically to avoid any scandal. The young Jarmek clearly was not as interested in avoiding scandal and Barakas remembered rumors of other crimes he had gotten away with in the past. Kok laughed lightly and then his expression changed. “Guards! Guards! There has been a murder by this perturgch! He will kill us too!” Kok smiled again and ran off with his remaining buddies.

Barakas went to the bloodied woman to try to help her, but she was bleeding considerably and died full of fear staring into his eyes. Dagan showed up moments later with Barakas shaking with rage and holding a dagger that had been used to slay both of the humans. Dagan found a local and sent her to retrieve more guardsmen and the constable. Questions were asked, the four bodies were taken away. Barakas did not sleep that night. Worse, another guard, one who did not like Barakas very much, suggested that he was the murderer, and that he’d run if he knew what was good for him. Barakas realized that machinations were already in the works to cover up Kok Jarmek’s role in the murders and that he would take the fall for the whole thing. That would make a lot of people in Hammerfast very happy. As he had not fallen asleep, he noticed a group of guards coming to his house very early the following morning. It was clear he was to be arrested, and he knew that even with his family connections, his supporters in the guard core, and his true role in the events of the previous night, the odds were not in his favor. He packed a bag quickly and ran out the back door. It was still dark so he kept to the shadows and made his way out of town and onto the road, heading for Fallcrest where he might reassess his situation and decide on his next move.


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