Faren Markelhay

Faren markelhayFaren Markelhay is the Lord Warden (hereditary) of Fallcrest, acting as the executive and leader of the security forces, however there is also a town council (which he appoints) to deal with various projects and the like. He lives and works in the Moonstone Keep but is seen somewhat frequently seen in the town, particularly when the need arises.

Upon defeating Malereth, Berend, Lia, Eldan (actually Cora), and Velos came to Fallcrest and then brought the necromantic skull to Grundelmar to be destroyed. After that, the heroes were instructed that they should speak with Markelhay to learn of ways in which they could be of service (and receive compensation). Markelhay met with them the next morning, congratulating them on their success, giving them a short brief on some of the potential threats the heroes might confront, and then bringing up the serious issue of the day, the Iron Circle invasion of Harkenwold.

When Lia hard of this she was dismayed but her face quickly hardened as she let Markelhay explain further. The rest of the group quickly agreed (Eldan/Cora after hearing of the reward), and they set off.

The next encounter the group (now with Malagar and Amarac but not Velos) had with Markelhay was on their return during the abnormal snow of the Winter King just after defeating the Iron Circle. Markelhay knew not what was causing the snow and was highly concerned as he was having great difficulty convincing his people to act together to prepare for the long-term impact.

Once the heroes had returned after defeating the Winter King, Markelhay met them with crowds, celebration, and the promise of the Tower of Waiting as the adventurers’ new home and base in Fallcrest whenever they needed, after repairs were finished. He then informed them that spies had determined that Lord Vannyk had left Winterhaven and that the Bloodreavers, who were likely in league with Vannyk, were running a slave ring in Thunderspire. He strongly recommended the adventurers head there next to stop the slavers and find any new leads on Vannyk.

Before they left they found out about the murder of Armos Kamroth, but Markelhay had left town with no explanation, so they were forced to go without getting answers to that puzzle.

Faren Markelhay

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