Lord Vannyk

Lord Vannyk is a mystery. He has not been seen by anyone we know, or at least no one has been willing to say so if they have seen him. He is powerful enough to have sent the Iron Circle to invade Harkenwold and to be working with (and probably directing) the necromancer Malereth, and he has many spies and mercenaries giving him a great deal of knowledge of what is going on throughout the Nentir Vale.

Though his plans for the Iron Circle were stopped by the Heroes of the Nentir Vale (that’d be us), Vannyk still has many schemes and tricks up his sleeves. For instance, Vannyk had intended on blackmailing Armos Kamroth, a secret cleric of Tiamat, into controlling the dragon Vestopolk. Moreover we know he has some association with an army (probably of orcs) to the west of Winterhaven.

It is highly likely that he was responsible for the vampire and werewolf attack on us during our trek out to Thunderspire to look into the Bloodspears, their slaver practice, and a likely connection between them and Vannyk. In fact he may have even been the lead vampire who stole the Ice Crown from atop Reeyith’s head, though that is pure speculation at this point. Regardless, it is likely that he is currently in possession of the crown and Ice Scepter.

According to Orontor, the Mages of Saruun are aware of Vannyk and have been for weeks at least. All but Orontor are out trying to gather information about him. One of the mages, Paldemar, has gone rogue and might now be somehow involved with Vannyk.

Lord Vannyk

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