Quest 4 - Thunderspire

Quest 4.1: Investigate Bloodreavers and Chief Krand
Reward: 1250XP, 1000gp
Detauls: Seek out Duergar to point out Bloodreavers and ask about Vannyk’s involvement.
Status: Main task COMPLETE, skill need to report back to Markelhay.
Quest issued by Lord Warden Markelhay.

Quest 4.2: Free slaves captured by the Bloodreavers
Reward: 1000XP, 500gp
Details: Slaves from a settlement of Riverdown.
Status: 13/15 slaves rescued. Currently working on finding the last 2.
Quest issued by Markelhay.

Quest 4.3: Map out Labrynth and bring back items of value
Reward: 200XP, 420gp
Details: Several of us must make a map and then if they agree sufficiently it will be counted as a success.
Status: In progress – multiple maps acquired
Quest issued by Traevus.

Quest 4.4: Trade tiefling dagger for drow stones
Reward: 175XP, 420gp
Details: Bairwin, a trader who is afraid to go into Thunderspire because he owes Brug money, wants capable individuals such as ourselves to find the Duergar Gindar and trade a locked box (it contains an ancient tiefling dagger; Cora picked the lock) for drow stones. Bairwin has a buyer for the stones and with the proceeds can pay us and have enough to pay back Brug. Of note, Bairwin got the dagger from Armos Kamroth but was not aware the Armos had just been killed.
Status: In progress, dispute in team as to whether to carry it out.
Quest issued by Bairwin.

Quest 4.5: Track down rogue mage Paldemar
Reward: ?XP, ?gp
Details: The mages went out to find out more about Vannyk, but Paldemar hasn’t been heard from and is believed to have gone rogue. Recent intelligence (not from Orontor) is that he is indeed working with Vannyk.
Status: Not yet begun actively.
Quest issued by Orontor.

Quest 4.6: Find Deep Gem Mining Co. owner’s pet boar Veronica
Reward: ?, 300gp?
Details: The owner’s boar hasn’t been seen in a while and he is very concerned. A reward is available to any who bring her back.
Status: Veronica found in Well of Demons. Still with party.

Quest 4.7: Find skull scepter and give to Gindar
Reward: 150XP, ?gp
Details: Gindar heard of a nonmagical historic skull scepter in the Labyrinth and offered a nice payment to whomever could bring it back. He already had a buyer lined up.
Quest issued by Gindar.

Quest 4 - Thunderspire

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