1. Quest 1 – The Dark Rider – Retrieve mysterious object (dark magic skull) and defeat Maloreth]]
  2. Quest 2 – The Iron Circle – Defeat the Iron Circle and save Harkenwold
  3. Quest 3 – The Winter King – Defeat the Winter King and end the Endless Winter
  4. Quest 4 – Thunderspire – Stop the Bloodreaver slavers, find connections to Vannyk, and explore the Labrynth

Information from Allies and Sources


  • Letter to Lividius – Retrieved off of the body of Lividius, the tiefling who killed Dar Gremath and attacked the party in Harken the day after their victory at Iron Keep. Instructed Lividius to kill the heroes and then come to Winterhaven to help Vannyk in his plot.

Messages from the Dungeon Master


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