Sehanine Moonbow

Sehanine is an unaligned goddess of the moon, love, and autumn. Her symbol is a silver crescent moon, studded with sapphires. She is something of a trickster, but her main ethos, and the ethos of her followers is to find one’s own path and to not be a zealot for good or evil. Anything seen as a restriction on a person’s freedom is bad, especially freedom, but also death when it is not clearly merited. Thus Asmodeus and Lolth are enemies of Sehanine.

Elves revere Sehanine, one of three fey gods. Sehanine worked with Melora to create halflings, who also often revere her.

More Information

Lia Teltanian is an invoker of Sehanine. Sehanine came to her in a dream, granting her access to divine power and a staff through which to channel it. At present Lia is still not sure precisely why she was granted the power, though she certainly is an exemplar of Sehanine’s ways and beliefs, as well as a very wise and intelligent elf.

Sehanine Moonbow

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