Woodsinger Clan

A clan of around 200 elves who make their home in the Harken Forest just south of Harkenwold. The elves interact sparingly with the peoples around, though there is trade of resources and goods, from specialty foods to crafts to weapons, and sometimes arcane or devine materials. The greatest threat to the Woodsinger elves is the Daggerburg goblins.

Clan Organization and Leadership

The Woodsinger elves are relatively secretive, so few outside of their clan know how they are organized. There are 6 main camps where bands of 30-40 elves live. Each clan has a leader and a lieutenant. The leader serves military, resource management, and religious roles. Scouts travel in groups of two unless otherwise specified, and while their paths are never exactly the same, they arrive at certain locations at certain times to coordinate and pass messages from band to band.

Lia Teltanian is a Woodsinger of the Elm band led by Tyndwoor, a male elf. The leader of the clan and the Oaksong band (“song” is added to the name of the band that leads the clan in any given generation) is Arielle. Her lieutenant is Israfin. The other bands are the Ash, Birch, Cedar, and Dove.


The Woodsinger Clan’s main deity is Sehanine (elves, moon, trickery, etc), though they also venerate Corellon (magic, music, arts, etc), Melora (wilderness), and Avandra (change, freedom, and luck). Each month on the new moon the entire clan joins for ceremonies. Ceremonies are also held on the full moon, though these are held by each band separately, or sometimes with 2 or 3 bands together.

Resources and Specialties

The elves specialize in wood work, including bows and arrows. They often make arrow tips out of stone as it is a more available resource, though they make sure to keep a stock of various metals for when certain dangers might arise. They are very adept at tracking and have great knowledge of nature, many being rangers.

Woodsinger Clan

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