Welcome to the Nentir Vale!

High adventure begins with lowly adventurers out to win fame, fortune, or just to help those in need. Right now the Nentir Vale is in need of some heros to stop the Iron Circle and other shadowy groups that threaten the hard fought peace and prosperity that has been spreading thanks to the efforts of many.

House Rules
Helpful resources and references

The Party

  • Lia – 6th lvl Elf Invoker (controller) of Sehanine; Currently played by Todd
  • Malagar – 6th lvl Drow (dark elf) Ranger (striker); Currently played by Luis
  • Berend – 6th lvl Dwarf fighter (defender); Currently played by Morgan
  • Arioch the Twicedead – 6th lvl Human cleric (leader); Currently played by Joe
  • Reeyithlanthaylianthis (Reeyith) – 6th lvl Eladrin swordmage (defender); Currently played by Scott
  • Narata – 6th lvl Human barbarian (striker); Currently played by Sean


Major Regions/Towns

Major Players

  • Faren Markelhay – Lord Warden of Fallcrest
  • Dar Gremath – Leader of the Harkenwold rebellion
  • Lord Vannyk – Mysterious and powerful person intent on amassing power, and quickly becoming the group’s nemesis
  • Woodsinger Elves – Clan of elves living in the Harken Forest south of Harkenwold
  • Malereth – Necromancer in league with the Iron Circle
  • Marcinda Goldspinner – High Master of Hammerfast and leader of the merchant guild
  • Iron Circle – Tyrannical army bent on conquering the Nentir Vale, starting with Harkenwold

The Story Thus Far

After the theft of an important package, a little black box (later to become known as “Traevus’ lil’ black box”) was stolen from the dwarven trader Traevus by goblins, a group of adventurers agreed to track it down in return for payment. In the party was a halfling thief from Fallcrest, a human cleric of Moradin, a half-elf warlord, a dwarf fighter from the Dawnforge Mountains, and an elven invoker of Sehanine. They found more than they bargained for in a former Minotaur temple as they came across many goblins and kobolds, a young white dragon, a bugbear, and finally the dreaded necromancer Malereth. While performing a final sweep of the temple they came across worshippers of Asmodeus, the evil god of tyranny. Once all but two had been struck down, one of them changed form and stabbed the other in the back. It was a shapeshifter by the name of Jixin. He explained that he had worked as a mercenary for Malereth, but that he would work for whomever would pay him well. Several of the team were extremely suspicious, but ultimately they decided Jixin’s abilities would be worth having (though not all agreed).

Barakas, the brave young warlord, was slain in the battle to take down Malereth, but the party believed themselves victorious and took the necromantic black skull which had been stolen from Traevus, as well as the body of Barakas, back to Fallcrest. The skull was destroyed by Grundelmar, dwarven priest of Pelor. Or, actually, was it?

For their efforts, the group was given an audience with Lord Warden Faren Markelhay, ruler of Fallcrest. The Warden had a dire warning for the group, and a request. Harkenwold was being attacked by the Iron Circle, a group of bandits and tyrants attempting to control the entire region. Lia, the elf, was immediately interested in helping, as she was from the area and must have left just before the initial incursion. The rest of the group agreed to help for various reasons. Eldan the rogue was particularly interested in the reward, while Velos the cleric was out to defend freedom and justice, and Berend the dwarven fighter sought to defend his homeland which he knew would be next if the Iron Circle were victorious.

Before departing Fallcrest for Harkenwold, a strange hooded figure approached the party. He spoke quietly and seriously. Having heard of the success of their success and their new mission, he offered to assist but would not explain why. Many in the group were immediately suspicious as they finally made out the features of this… drow, Malaggar. But they clearly could use any help they could get. Velos, a good judge of character, was wary but believed the drow was honest in his intent. So they allowed him to join them.

Over the next several days the group would fight off roving bands of Iron Circle brigands out to harass the people of Harkenwold or to deliver supplies to other units. They also met the leader of the rebellion Dar Gremath, who supplied them with several quests to defeat various Iron Circle related threats and ultimately free up others who could fight with the rebellion. One such quest involved seeking the aid of the Woodsinger Elves, Lia’s clan.

Once the allies had been rallied, the group found out that the Iron Circle had had enough and was preparing an all out assault on the rebellion in Albridge. The rebellion planned their defenses and then the battle was met. After a couple of intense battles the group came face to face with Nazin Redthorn, general of the Iron Circle forces. After realizing his life was actually at risk by the rebel heroes, he retreated to his horse and then rode back to the keep in Harken.

Dar Gremath told the heros they should follow him, both to end his and the Iron Circle’s invasion for good and to free the Barron of Harken. With help from the head mason of the previous reconstruction of the keep, the group devised a trick to get in and secure the keep. Once again coming close to overcome, they stuck it out and defeated Nazin Redthorn, along with the other thorn Jixin.

This led to the discovery of letters written by Lord Vannyk, the true leader of the Iron Circle, who clearly had grander plans. They spoke of some machinations in Winterhaven which would be aided by a man in Fallcrest, though few details were provided. While celebrating their victory and preparing to leave, the party was set upon by a tiefling who had somehow killed and beheaded Dar Gremath. The group fought this tough warrior and survived. It was then that the snow began to fall in the middle of winter. Knowing that they must reach Fallcrest and ultimately Winterhaven, the group got on their way with horses and supplies made available by the people of Harken.

Upon arriving in Fallcrest the group recounted the recent events to Warden Markelhay and then went to meet the man whom Lord Vannyk had intended his agents to meet and use. The man Armos Kamroth turned out to be a cleric of Tiamat (an evil dragon god) whom Vannyk believed could be convinced to gain control of a dragon in the Cairngorn Peaks near Winterhaven. So now the group had some idea of what Vannyk was looking for. They were ready to head to Winterhaven immediately to learn more and stop Vannyk, but the snow was getting far worse and the people were frightened and ready to riot over the tough measures the Lord Warden was implementing to ensure his peoples’ survival. Fortunately, just as it seemed inevitable a riot would indeed break out, a flying ship appeared out of the sky and zombies and skeletons came out looking to slaughter all in their path. The heros jumped into action to slay the monsters, and once done the boat itself spoke. It demanded the return of the “Ice Scepter” to the Winter King.

After some discussion and investigation, one man was found among the villagers who was acting suspiciously. He was found to have the Ice Scepter. The heroes agreed to take the scepter to the Cairn of the Winter King, and demanded the thief, Markos, who had taken the scepter accompany them. They boarded the ship and rowed through the stormy skies, nearly losing control several times, before finally landing somewhere in the Cairningorn Peaks where clearly in front of them lay the Cairn of the Winter King.

Chosen by the Gods

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