Chosen by the Gods

At the beginning of the session we had just subdued Sidarlis and were going to try to question her. She came to and started to struggle as Arioch tried to hold her down and Lia tried to tie her up, but she got free and so Sabin slammed her against a wall and knocked her out with an Eldrich Blast. That’s more or less when the discussion about what to do happened, and when we called you. Sabin and Arioch tried to convince Reeyith to let them kill her and then revive her (for 300 gp and a 3rd level spell) in the hopes of curing her of a curse, if she was under one. Since Reeyith didn’t want to do that until we’d at least tried to get some answers first, Lia tried to convince the others to go along with Reeyith’s wishes.

Malagar tied Sidarlis up while Arioch noticed something in her pocket (but kept that to himself). He tried to convince Reeyith to let him approach and touch Sidarlis to try to determine what if anything was affecting her. Since Reeyith wouldn’t allow it, Lia volunteered to do it, starting with a Detect Magic spell. She saw the thing in Sidarlis’s pocket, something very dark, and with caution called upon a mage hand to retrieve it and dump its contents out. It was an eyeball.

Arioch picked it up and said that it was powerful, but it was not responsible for Sidarlis’s condition, nor was it the Eye of Vecna. Malagar realized he was lying, but said nothing, while Lia was a bit befuddled and wasn’t sure what was going on. Someone suggested that Lia and Reeyith stay to talk to Sidarlis while the others talked and looked around elsewhere.

Lia and Reeyith attempted to get information out of Sidarlis, several tricks and spells failing in the process. However they did notice vampire bite marks on her neck that looked like they were recent but also that she’d been bitten multiple times before. She also claimed that she was responsible for the ritual going wrong and that she had warped and controlled the minds of the other Eladrin but that it hadn’t worked on Reeyith for some reason. She laughed and said that none of what we did mattered, that her master would be there soon and could not be stopped. During this time Lia noticed something crinkling in one of Sidarlis’s pockets. She reached in and found a page written in what appeared to be something like Drow. At that point we decided to skip the rest of what would happen, move on to what would happen afterwards, and play the rest of the interaction with Sidarlis next session with Scott Butler there to play Reeyith.

Meanwhile, Arioch convinced Malagar to go check something out elsewhere in the cave. He then convinced Sabin that Sabin should have the Eye “installed”, that he’d have great power and he would become a vital part of stopping Kas. Sabin agreed, and passed out during the procedure (after screaming in pain). He woke and then was able to see out of his new Eye.

Skipping past the stuff we will play next time, now seeing the Eye installed (glowing gold with a cat’s eye slit), we were able to put together what the Eye did. It gives Sabin better sight, True Sight, the ability to use an action to turn on X-ray vision (but taking a level of exhaustion from it), and charges that could be used to cast several powerful spells. Some amount of the charges recharge after an extended rest, but using a spell brings with it a 5% chance of Vecna ripping Sabin’s soul from his body, devouring it, and taking over his body. Also, Sabin immediately became Neutral Evil (from Chaotic Neutral). The plus side is that if he can also attune to the Hand of Vecna and then we kill him with the Sun Sword, the Eye and Hand will be destroyed. Then we can revivify or resurrect Sabin.

Finally, Lia cast Augury and found that they would not benefit from a further search of the caverns, so we all decided to start heading back to Hammerfast. First, Malagar read from the page found in Sidarlis’s pockets. The page was clearly a page from the Book of Vile Darkness (written by Vecna while he was a mortal wizard). Arioch pulled out the moonstones he acquired from the Shadowfell and a map appeared on the page pointing to a location in the north of the Nentir Vale.


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